Beauty and Health Secrets of the Maya

Mayan women are known for their lustrous long hair, their clear golden skin, and their sweet disposition. The Mayan people are spread throughout Central America, in Belize, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Mexico – their world is the Mundo Maya – the Mayan World – which transcends geographical boundaries.


It’s a world of misty green mountains, of tumbling waterfalls, of sacred caves deep in the earth, of golden beaches, and a wild abundance of plants, every one of which has its important use for health, beauty and spiritual healing.

Mayan village life is still very simple, very rooted in the earth. Even though the modern Mayan woman may drive a car, call her friends on her cell phone, and have an office job, she is still more likely to turn to natural healing and beauty than to the nearby pharmacy or beauty parlor. And she is very likely to live in a traditionally built thatched house made from wood, even though there might be a TV and a computer in the main living area.

Here at Kadima, we study the beauty and healing secrets of women from around the world, and we use that knowledge as we develop new products. Like the Maya, we go back to the source – healing and beautifying plants, oils and spices – which we treat with care and reverence, creating balanced moisturizers, conditioners and shampoos which will be really kind to your hair and skin.

Inspired By The Maya – Kadima Cocoa And Mango Butter Hair Masque

Cocoa (Cacao, as the Maya call it) is a huge part of Mayan life. It’s drunk as a tea, as a rich and spicy chocolate drink, it's used in religious ceremonies, and of course the cacao butter (a by-product of chocolate making) is used as a nourishing and soothing skin cream and to create shine and luster in the beautiful raven colored hair of the Mayan women.

Mangos grow just about everywhere in the Mundo Maya, and are greatly prized for their delicious flavor and health giving properties. They are mildly astringent, and used in simple cleansers and homemade face packs, as well as being excellent scalp cleansers.

Honey from wild bees is greatly prized by Mayan women for its mild antiseptic and healing properties, as well, of course, for its delicious taste.

We took all of these ingredients and blended them into our fabulously exotic and totally nourishing Kadima Cocoa And Mango Butter Hair Masque. If your hair is looking limp and jaded, dry and sad, then what you need is a tropical twist to your hair beauty regime. The combination of mango butter and cocoa butter along with jojoba oil, molasses, and yes, honey, gives your hair a much needed weekly lift.

We worked long and hard to get the balance of ingredients just right, so that after you use this masque, your hair feels beautifully soft and nourished, without any feeling of stickiness or unwanted weight. Moisture is sealed in, leaving your hair looking totally kissable! We suggest using it weekly to keep your hair in perfect shape, and your scalp clear and healthy. Because your scalp will be fully cleaned and energized, your hair will even grow faster and stronger!

Oh, and you can even use this as a defining cream, just smooth in to keep those curls on hold! And did we mention that it can be used as a conditioner too? (We love it that our products are so flexible – because they are made with such good natural ingredients.)

Some Simple Mayan Beauty Remedies You Can Use At Home

Hair That Shines Like A Waterfall

One of the things which will really strike you about Mayan women is their beautiful glossy long hair, often to their waist or below. An important reason that they get such a shine is that they always rinse their hair in the coldest possible water.

They also infuse their hair washing water with herbs, and we too love to use herbs in our conditioner, for gloss, bounce and strength. One of our key herbs is peppermint, which Mayan women also love. It is mildly antiseptic for health, and of course it smells just lovely. Our Herbal Leave In Conditioner also contains chamomile (especially good to bring out the gold in blonde hair). If you have dry hair, rinsing in cold water and then using our Herbal Conditioner will give you fantastic shine

Natural Help For Troubled Skin

Aloe grows wild in the Mundo Maya, and every garden has its patch of aloe. If she has sore skin, a cut, or burns her finger while cooking on the open fire, the Mayan woman rushes to her aloe plant, breaks off a leaf, and quickly rubs it on to sooth, heal and repair the damage.

We took our cue from this, and created the very purest, most natural organic Aloe Gelly to help you with every little skin problem and disaster – including spots! You can even use it as the mildest possible setting gel for fixing and spritzing your curls! Our products are so safe and gentle, you can even use them on babies over three years old.

Another couple of easy and simple skin care ideas come from a Mayan friend who suffered with acne. Her granny told her to spread a raw egg yolk (free range if possible) on her face every day, let it dry, and then wash off with plain water. After thirty days, her skin was clear and lovely.

To keep it that way, after washing with soap, she takes a teaspoon of lemon juice and a teaspoon of raw brown sugar, mixes it together and spreads it over her face, leaving it on for twenty minutes, then a simple rinse off with cool water. She does this twice a month. So easy, so natural, and so effective!

Kadima Commits To Searching Out More Secrets

We have been so excited by what we have learned about the beauty and health secrets of the Maya. Look out for new products coming soon!

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