Benefits of using Organic Beauty Products

Just as it says in the words of the old hippy anthem, we are actually made from stardust. It’s a beautiful thought. We are part of the earth, of the natural world, and using organic beauty products links us with nature, and our origins, in a way that man-made chemicals never can.


We Are Stardust, We Are Golden….We Have Got To Get Ourselves Back To The Garden

When we look back to our many-times-great-grandmothers before us, we know that they were women just like us. Their lives may have been different, but their hearts and souls were the same. They wanted to look and feel beautiful, even if they could only see their reflection in a pool of water. And it was to their gardens, and the woods and fields around them, that they turned to the roots, flowers, seeds, and leaves which they could use to care for and nourish their skin and hair.

Organic Health And Beauty Nourishes The Soul

Here at Kadima, we like to have fun, we like to have a glass or two of wine (did we mention that before?) we like to play with the cat, try out new hairstyles, and gossip about our menfolk. But best of all we LOVE to be in the Kadima Beauty Kitchen and Garden, creating new products for ourselves, and for you.

We reach out to women around the globe, finding out what they are using in their traditional beauty regimes. We experiment with oils and herbs, spices and leaves, seeds and flowers, to bring you the very best and purest products for your skin and hair.

It’s the age-old work of women – making lotions and potions. And it feeds the soul to make these natural things and to use them. We love to delve into old books of recipes, some of them written by hand, to see what women used to use to make their hair and skin healthy and beautiful. Many of these recipes form the inspiration for Kadima products today.

Best of all, we’ve only just begun – we have so many exciting new things bubbling away, and we’ll be bringing you news about them soon.

Why Synthetic Products Feel Dead

We’ve all used those chemical-based products. You know, the ones with the list of ingredients that look as if they could be used to make a nuclear weapon, and which surely no-one on earth can actually pronounce!

Now, don’t get us wrong, we are not anti-science. Science is good and true and has made our lives amazing. It’s just that we don’t feel that it needs to reach into every single corner of our lives.

Beauty is a special thing. In some ways, it’s not even a necessity. After all, even on your ugly days, you are still a beautiful person, right? So when we want our skin soothed, our hair made to feel soft and floating or our curls crisp and bright, we need, not synthetic products created in a laboratory, but the good things that come from the earth.

We need the feel the essence of life, not the cold, dead hand of the artificial.

Do You Want To Make The Change?

Think about it. Synthetic products are made from chemicals which can create irritation, flaky skin, and scalp, allergic reactions, burning eyes, and even in some cases, are suspected to be carcinogens. Natural products are gentle and safe, have stood the test of centuries, and have the testimony of generations of women to back them up.

Have you been relying on synthetic products? Have they given you the results that they promised? Wouldn’t you rather be connected to the chain of knowledge that reaches back into the secret history of womenfolk?

Wouldn’t you like to use products that contain, green tea, cold-pressed virgin olive oil, lavender essence, raw shea butter, coffee, oil of orange, to name but a few of our favorite ingredients? Or do you prefer parabens, behentrimonium chloride, and methoxydibenzoylmethan? We thought so.

Organic Products Are The Best And Kindest Choice

Kadima products are 100% natural – full stop! Because they are natural, and because we choose perfectly balanced ingredients, they work with your body and not against it. Our soaps are gentle and cleansing. Our styling products produce great results without damaging your delicate hair. Our moisturizers and conditioners plump up the skin and revitalize hair, instead of just leaving a coating of residue. Our shampoos are so gentle that you can use them to wash your face and body all over. Our products are so mild, they can be used by babies over three years old. 

Are You Ready To Switch?

Make the change in your life. Join in with the chain of age-old female knowledge. Treat your hair and skin with the products nature created, not a laboratory. Click right here to enter the world of natural, life-enhancing Kadima products.

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