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You probably know that here at Kadima, we not only have our Health and Beauty Kitchen (where we love to brew up exciting new organic hair and skin products) but we have a lovely garden too.


Fenugreek – A Mystical Herb With Here And Now Benefits

We use this garden to help with producing small experimental batches. Of course, we have wonderful partners who supply us with the finest ingredients when we want to bring our products to a wider audience. But looking at plants and playing around with them, studying their properties and benefits, is a fun part of our work.

Recently, a friend from India was visiting, and when we were showing off our garden to her, she coo-ed over our fenugreek plants. We were at the same time cooing over her hair – gorgeous, silky, waist-length tresses with a shimmer and sheen, unlike anything we had seen before.

It seems that her granny always advised here to make a special conditioner for her hair using fenugreek, and of course, we pestered our friend until she gave us the recipe!

Then off to the Kadima Beauty Kitchen, where we experimented with fenugreek and some other inspiring organic ingredients, like hibiscus and minerals, until we came up with what we believe is the very best all-around conditioner for hair health and beauty - Kadima Organic Fenugreek Deep Conditioner.

So, What Makes Fenugreek So Special?

The seeds and leaves of fenugreek have been used since the time of the ancient Egyptians, and probably earlier, for all kinds of health applications, from fresh breath to glowing healthy skin. Fenugreek seeds have been found in tombs dating back thousands of years, all around the Middle and the Far East.

Because it can grow in very dry conditions, fenugreek is a really important crop in many poor parts of the world, so we were delighted to be able to use it in one of our very special ethical products – Kadima Organic Fenugreek Deep Conditioner.

We’d been looking for a conditioner that would be particularly helpful for people with very damaged hair and with hard to manage scalp issues like severe dandruff. Many chemical conditioners just coat the hair with a film of what is essentially a kind of plastic. Even natural conditioners can sometimes just weigh your hair down with oil or grease. Which is not a good look, no matter how natural that oil and grease might be.

Our Organic Fenugreek Deep Conditioner is different. It works deep into your scalp, nourishing and stimulating, healing and soothing, so that your refreshed and revitalized hair looks – well, fabulous!

The health benefits of fenugreek just go on and on, but here are some of the main ways that it helps your scalp, hair, and skin:

It's rich in vitamin C and gently antibacterial and antifungal; fenugreek stimulates the scalp and cleanses it, both at the same time. It treats dandruff by gently healing the skin of the scalp, attacking the fungus which can cause dandruff, minimizing and preventing flaking from your very first use.

Fenugreek is an anti-oxidant, sweeping away free radicals which can lead to damaged, distressed looking hair.

Whether your hair has high, low, or average porosity (that means the ability to absorb liquid) fenugreek will strengthen each strand, meaning hair is less likely to fall out, and more likely to carry on growing, promoting longer, sleeker, and shinier hair.

Can I Use This On My Face and Body?

The great news is, yes, you can! It’s so gentle, that it can be used by anyone over three years old. A product that doubles up, or even trebles up, for hair care, face care, and body care is really useful. When you are in the shower, just rub a little Kadima Organic Fenugreek Deep Conditioner onto your face and body, leave it for a minute or two, and then shower off with warm, not hot, water.

To get the maximum benefit from Kadima Organic Fenugreek Deep Conditioner, divide your hair into sections and apply the conditioner. Leave it on for 30 to 60 minutes the first time you use it. (For subsequent use, a five-minute top-up every time you wash your hair, and a long session once or twice a month works.)

Fenugreek is proved to be beneficial for difficult skin, for acne, general skin issues like dry patches, and it’s even helpful in preventing the early onset of wrinkles, by plumping and smoothing the skin.

If you like the thought of glowing, smooth skin, and luscious, rich healthy hair, then Kadima Organic Fenugreek Deep Conditioner will become your best bathroom friend!

How About Do-It-Yourself?

To get the best results from fenugreek, you really need to find the very best, naturally grown varieties and ensure that they are processed in such a way as to keep all of their special health-giving properties. Although you can of course try making fenugreek treatments for yourself, it’s so much better to use a product which is correctly formulated, with the right Ph, and made from the very finest organically and ethically sourced ingredients.

Where Can I Buy Kadima Organic Fenugreek Deep Conditioner?

You can buy Kadima Organic Fenugreek Deep Conditioner right here online. Just click  link below, and your deliciously nourishing hair and body conditioner will be winging its way to you in no time at all.

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