Best Hair Detox Masque

Simply speaking, a hair masque is very similar to a face masque. It is applied to the hair and scalp and is designed to nourish, deep cleanse and detoxify. And like face masques, they vary quite a bit in their effectiveness. Some are just gloop, but others produce incredible results that will have your hair looking healthy and shiny, and your scalp feeling great.


What Is A Hair Masque?

Whether you have adorable pixie-cut short hair or long flowing locks, whether you have tight curls or your hair is straight, your hair will be beautified and enhanced by using a masque. But which is the best hair detox hair masque? We have the answer for you right here!

Kadima’s Rosemint Mud Detox Mask – The Perfect Treatment For Your Hair

Imagine a soothing, deliciously scented treatment for your hair, made from Tahitian Sea Water, Slippery Elm, Marshmallow Root, Organic Hibiscus Tea, Pink French Clay, Sunflower Oil, Apricot Butter, Yogurt Extract, Rose Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, and other delectable things. Sounds good enough to eat, right! But no, don’t eat, use it to bring your crowning glory to its absolute beautiful best. Our masque contains soothing and nourishing ingredients that feed your hair and restore condition in five main ways.

Kadima’s Rosemint Mud Detox Mask offers you the following amazing benefits:

1. It Detoxes Your Hair and Scalp

Modern life can be brutal on the hair and scalp. You’ve probably been using chemical-based shampoos, treatments, coloring, and conditioners for years. The result – dry or over the oily scalp, flakes, and itches, split ends, dull, lank, frizzy, or generally untamable hair. Add to this the ravages of city living, with fumes and smells all around, and you have a recipe for hair which is much less beautiful than it could be and deserves to be. Use our hair masque, and your hair will not only look longer, shinier, and generally more lovely, it will be strengthened!

2. It Fights Bacterial Growths And Fungal Infections

Your hair and scalp cannot look and feel at its beautiful best if you have growths and infections on your scalp and hair. These may be microscopic and not easily seen, but their effects are all too obvious. Flaky scalp, dull hair which results from broken and roughened hair strands, too much oil and grease build-up. Our masque penetrates deep, healing, and soothing those annoying hair issues and leaving your hair clean, healthy-looking and so beautiful.

3. It Promotes Healthy Hair Growth

If your hair and scalp aren’t fully clean and healthy, then your hair won’t grow long and luscious – it’s as simple as that. When you use our Masque, the follicles of your hair – the roots – are unclogged, your blood circulation is improved, the buildup of sebum (that greasy scalp deposit that you can scrape with your fingernails) is removed in a way that most shampoos just can’t achieve, and so your hair is free to just – grow! And our masque also elongates and relaxes each strand of hair, giving the immediate appearance of longer, sleeker hair.

4. It Accentuates Curls

Curls are just so adorable! Your curls will look even lovelier if you use a hair masque. The roughness of each strand of hair is smoothed away, and so hair can bounce, spring, shimmer, and curl, with each curl defined, just the way you like it. 

5. It Fights The Frizz

Who doesn’t hate having frizzy hair? Whether you have Asian, European, or African hair, don't you just really despair when instead of those gleaming tresses that you so long for, you look in the mirror and see what looks like the rough end of some strange animal perched on your head! Don’t despair. Kadina’s Rosemint Mud Detox Mask will soothe away the frizz and leave your hair gorgeous instead of ghastly!

How Do You Use Kadima’s Rosemint Mud Detox Mask?

It’s easy and soothing. Just apply the thick, pink mask to clean hair, dividing your hair into sections and making sure the delightfully scented conditioning masque is distributed well. Run your fingers through your masque covered hair to ensure full coverage. Wrap your head in an old towel, leave it on for twenty to thirty minutes – it’s a good time to have a little nap, or listen to some favorite music. Rinse off with plenty of lukewarm water – we love to use rainwater. Then shampoo with Kadima Soap Nut Shampoo, and give yourself a final rinse with cold water – as cold as you can manage. (This is a wonderful tip for really shiny hair).

Our Masque is gentle and safe enough to use even for children over three years old.

Can I Make My Own Masque?

Well, you can, but just look at the lovely things you can enjoy in our Kadima Rosemint Mask. We select nothing but the finest ingredients and balance them perfectly to make for a masque that is effective, fragrant, and gives just beautiful results.

So click right here to order your beautiful and exclusive Kadima Rosemint Mud Detox Masque, and we’ll ship it to you fast, so you can start enjoying beautiful healthy hair in no time at all.

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