Best Hempseed & Amla Gelly Hair Cream

Now and then we have one of those light bulb moments. That’s how it felt when we created Hempseed and Amla Gelly Hair Cream – the answer to ALL you curly or twisty hair problems.


We were tossing ideas around in the Kadima beauty kitchen, and somebody said that what she really wanted was a hair styling conditioner which would really make her curls look sharp and defined, and at the same time leaving her hair soft and touchable. 

Fortunately, we always have a great stock of exciting, natural ingredients to play with, and we hit the shelves, checking out what might work. After quite a bit of trial and error (and yes, some minor squabbling) we came up with a product that we just know you are going to love – Whipped Hempseed and Amla Gelly Hair Cream.

What Actually Is A Hair Styler?

A hair styler is a product which you use to make your hair do what it isn’t really inclined to do on its own. Traditional hairstyling products rely upon harsh and even dangerous chemicals. Don’t let’s go there. You can find lovely moisturizing products, but they may leave your hair swirly, when what you want is curly. In a perfect world, a hair styler would moisturize AND define. Hmmm…..

Hair Curling Gel vs. Hair Curling Cream: What's the Difference?

A gel is generally transparent and is applied to your hair to hold it and keep it held. Cheap gels will stiffen hair, and some make it look kind of glossy – until you touch it. It’s then that you see the problem – gels can make your hair feel brittle, and cheap gels will actually flake. 

(Our Kadima Instacurls Gelatine won’t give you those kinds of problems. It’s a high-quality gel perfect for the occasion when you want your curls to be ultra-defined – and stay that way!)

Hair curling cream is essentially a moisturizer, mmmm nice, but it isn’t going to give you those crisp, defined curls that you are looking for. It may relax your hair just a bit too much.

So what is a girl to do? You want curls, but you want healthy bouncy ones – not stiff sausages which look kind of dandruff-y, or limp bedraggled excuses for curls, healthy though they might be.

Kadima Whipped Hempseed & Amla Gelly Hair Cream for hair to the rescue!

So, there in the Kadima beauty kitchen, we created the perfect combination of a moisturizer and a gel. We chose hempseed butter, whipped into a luscious cream; moisturizing richness at its best. We added rare anti-oxidant Amla tea for its health-giving and nourishing properties.

It carefully removes those pesky free radicals, and boosts your hair with a cocktail of vitamin C, iron, and calcium, for health and strength. Naturally sourced agar from the sea is the ingredient that will hold that crispness in your curls, and carrot oil extract works hard to give you the sheen you want. We added in some other natural oils for fragrance and extra sheen, and voila!

If you want natural-looking hair, with a healthy, oxygen-infused scalp, and have a twisty or curly style, this is what you have been dreaming of. All this wonderfulness mixed in one great product offers you FIVE key benefits.

Kadima Whipped Hempseed & Amla Gelly Hair Cream gives you: Dazzling shine – your glossy hair will gleam and glow

Intense moisture – curly hair is often dry, and to counteract that, our Gelly Hair Cream will supply you with the continuous moisture from within

Curl definition that will captivate – those attention-getting curls are just going to cry out to be touched, and when they are touched, they will feel soft and natural, not ready to stab your hand!

Curls are preserved and protected – your style will stay in shape all day and long into the night

Your hair will move! Everyone wants hair that moves, right? That you can toss and rumple to your heart’s content. That’s exactly what our combined moisturizer and curl definer give you.

It’s So Gentle

Unlike harsh chemical products, our hair beautifying products and treatments just love and coddle your hair. Nourishing and supporting hydrating and styling, everything you need from a family of products made from natural, carefully selected, and sometimes rare and special ingredients. So gentle, you can even use whipped Hempseed and Amla Gelly Hair Cream on children over three years old.


Do it yourself hair treatments can be fun, but, why not go with the experts? We know that the ingredients we use are nothing but the finest, and we blend them so that they have the exact balance of properties you need.

However, there is nothing wrong with breaking a fresh egg onto your scalp now and again and having an egg scalp treatment. Those diy ideas can all be part of a good beauty regime, but for truly great looking hair, every time, go with the pros!

How Do I Use It?

First, if your hair tends to dryness, run a little leave-in Moisturizer through wet hair (for even more fabulous results). Then apply Kadima Whipped Hempseed & Amla Gelly Hair Cream to sections of your hair. Allow to air dry, and then gently style as usual.

I Want It Now!”

Need Kadima Whipped Hempseed and Amla Gelly Hair Cream as fast as possible? Then click right here, and we’ll get that off to you right now!

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