Best Shea Butter Moisturizer for Hair, Face and Body

You have heard about superfoods, but have you heard about skin superfoods?

Shea butter is one of the most commonly used skin superfoods used in the industry. It is derived from the seeds borne by the fruits of the Shea tree. The nuts are first picked out and then crushed and boiled. The resulting serum is what is called Shea butter. It contains oleic acid, stearic acid, and linoleic acid.

This naturally occurring product is enriched with vitamins A, E, and F. Moreover, it also has SPF properties that will give both your hair and skin UV protection.

It is equally effective on both the skin and the hair. Shea butter can provide the scalp and your body with all the fatty acids and nutrients necessary that are necessary for collagen production.


Kadima Raw Shea Butter Moisturizer

You can try making raw Shea butter moisturizer at home, but that will take a lot of effort and time. So why not try something that has been formulated by experts who want to give you the gift of healthier hair and radiant skin? The Kadima Raw Shea Butter Moisturizer will be a perfect choice.

You do not need a separate Shea butter for face, Shea butter for body, and Shea butter for hair because this product from Kadima will serve all the purposes. One of the best organic Shea butter available in the market, it will transform your hair and skin within a matter of days. You will be stunned by the results.

Since it is made with only natural organic ingredients, you can be sure that this Shea butter moisturizing body lotion will be safe for you. This product is so pure that you will be able to use it even on children who are 3 years or older. You have absolutely nothing to worry about! The best part is that you can use the product on all hair and body types.

Ingredients of our Shea Butter

The Kadima Shea Butter for Hair, Face & Body Moisturizer has is infused with raw and organic Shea butter that provides a host of benefits for the skin and the hair as you will discover in the next section. It also has the richness of Cocoa Butter which makes it extra moisturizing. The Jojoba Oil in the product repairs the skin from within and restores life to drab skin. Honey will leave your skin looking youthful.

The product has a unique blend of oils that will hydrate and rejuvenate your skin in every manner possible. Some of them include:

1. Olive Oil: Filled with antioxidants, it will make sure that your skin and hair get all the necessary nutrients.

2. Lavender Oil: Known for its calming and soothing properties, it will help you relax. Moreover, it is very good for hair growth.

3. Tea Tree Oil: With strong antimicrobial properties, it will help heal any skin problems that you might be facing.

4. Frankincense Oil: It helps in normal cell growth and makes sure that your skin is always healthy.

5. Pomegranate Seed Oil: This ingredient will help boost your hair growth and improve the texture of your skin.

Best Use Directions

The Kadima Raw Shea Butter Moisturizer for Hair, Face and Body is very easy to use. If you use this product regularly, you do not have to maintain elaborate skincare routines every day since it is multi-purpose.

When you apply it to your hair, make sure that you section your tresses out first so that the Shea butter reaches every strand. After you are done parting, massage the product onto the scalp and strands.

Before applying the Shea Butter Moisturizer on your body, face and neck, make sure that you cleanse them well. Massage it into the skin till all of it is absorbed.

Where to buy our amazing Shea Butter?

Now, you can buy Shea butter online without any hassle. If you want the Kadima Raw Shea Butter Moisturizer for Hair, Face and Body to solve all your skin and hair problems. You can find this product right here in our shop!

Benefits of Shea Butter

If you love experimenting with skincare and hair care, then you know that Shea butter is one of the most used ingredients in face and body products? Wonder why? It has several benefits that will change your life for the better before you even know it. Kadima's Raw Shea Butter Moisturizer for Hair, Face and Body contains raw Shea butter moisturizer which means that it is infused with all the goodness of this product.

Top 6 Benefits of Shea Butter for Skin

1. Moisturizes Dry Skin
The power of Shea butter when it comes to giving your face and hair adequate moisturization is unparalleled. The high-fat content of the product gives it emollient properties which will be a blessing if you have dry skin. Shea butter makes sure the moisture is locked into your skin so that it remains hydrated for a long time. You will no longer have to worry about dry and rough skin during winter once you start using this product. Shea butter is extremely soft and light in texture, and it can seep through the skin easily without making it feel too greasy.

2. Reduces Sunburns
Shea butter contains derivatives of cinnamic acid which infuses it with anti-inflammatory properties that can be very helpful when it comes to healing your skin from sun damage. Shea butter enhances the function of inflammatory compounds inside the body. If you forget to put on sunscreen every day before going out, you can use this product to cure your sunburns. Moreover, Shea butter can also be used to give an extra layer of protection against harmful UV rays.

3. Provides Relief To Skin Peeling After Tanning or Tattoo
As mentioned before, Shea butter has both moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties which can help heal the skin from within. Often, the upper layer of the skin due to excessive tanning or damage caused by tattoos. The skin starts becoming dry and hence peeling off. You do not want flaky skin, right? Shea butter is enriched with moisturizing fatty acids that can give your skin the oil it needs to become hydrated again. It will also alleviate any pain you might be feeling.

4. Stretch Mark Prevention During Pregnancy
Shea butter is one of the key ingredients in many ointments or creams that are specially prepared by commercial houses for stretch mark treatment. It can help reduce, if not eliminate, the formation of stretch marks during pregnancy. The rapid fluctuation of weight during pregnancy ends up stretching the skin beyond its elasticity. As a result, marks are formed. Shea butter, being a natural emollient, helps restore the natural elasticity of the skin and enhances collagen production.

5. Fights skin diseases
Shea butter can battle against major skin diseases like dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema that can cause lasting damage to the skin. These conditions often end up making the dry, flaky, and scaly. You will find yourself itching the affected areas while feeling no relief. What Shea butter does is that it acts as a deep moisturizer that can penetrate the skin and soothe it by alleviating the inflammation. The emollient and humectant properties of Shea butter make it the perfect solution for these skin ailments.

6. Eliminates acne and dark spots
Shea butter is rich in healing properties, and that is why one of the main reasons why it can make your skin smooth and supple by restoring lost nourishment. It is rich in ingredients like fatty acids and plant sterols like palmitic, stearic, oleic and linolenic acids. You will find that these components do not go through saponification which makes them even more effective on the skin. Unrefined Shea butter, in particular, can cure skin peeling after tanning, skin rashes, scars, burns, acne, and insect bites. Vitamins A and E help to keep the skin moisturized without encouraging excessive oil production.

You can use Shea butter as an anti-ageing product as well because it increased the production of collages. It helps to develop and maintain the skin’s elasticity which will help your face look soft and smooth all the time. If you are tired of dealing with razor bumps, Shea butter can help you out there as well because it is a soothing agent.

Top 6 Benefits of Shea Butter for Hair

Now that you know how Shea butter can help transform your face and body completely, you must be wondering how you can use it to benefit your hair. Well, do not worry because Shea butter can help you get healthier and smoother hair with regular usage. It can act as a natural conditioner because of the moisturizing and healing properties it is infused with.

1. Repairs damaged hair
Making your hair look great is something that most of us want to do. Hence, we end up using chemical treatments like straightening, curling, and perming. All of them require the hair to be exposed to a lot of heat, and that can strip the hair of its natural oils and moisture. You are left with fry and brittle hair after a while. Shea butter acts as a restorative agent and infuses moisture back into the hair. It can also protect the hair against harmful free radicals that are present all around you. You can depend on Shea butter even if your hair has been damaged for some other reason.

2. Prevents Hair Loss
Shea butter is enriched with beneficial fatty acids that can keep your hair and scalp conditioned all the time. If you feel that you do not provide your hair with enough nourishment, then you should resort to Shea butter because it can provide a large number of essential nutrients that can improve the health of your hair. Once your hair follicles start growing stronger, you will find that your hair loss has reduced. Moreover, the anti-inflammatory properties of Shea butter can alleviate any scalp conditions which could be causing hair loss.

Shea butter for hair growth is also a good option because regular application will help you develop thicker and more voluminous hair.

3. Hair Softener
Rough and brittle hair is not something any of us wants. Shea butter is full of vitamins A and E that will seep into your follicles and moisturize each strand from the root to the tip. This natural conditioner will lock the moisture into your hair, and keep it soft all day long. It has a non-greasy nature and prevents the spread of excess oil. If you massage your hair with Shea butter, you will find that your tresses will become much softer and smoother than usual. The best part is that it will work on all kinds of hair.

4. Protects hair from UV rays and Environmental Pollutants
Shea butter can be used as a natural sunscreen which makes it even more valuable in your hair care routine. You might think that only your skin is under the threat from the Sun's rays, but you would be wrong. Your tresses can also be damaged because of the ultraviolet radiation of the sun which is why you must protect them. Cinnamon acid in Shea butter acts as a natural SPF. When you apply Shea butter, it coats the entire shaft and does not allow any other element to get absorbed.

5. Soothes Dry And Itchy Scalp
If you suffer from a dry and itchy scalp, you know how important a conditioner can be. Shea butter is the best natural conditioner that you can get. It will make sure that your scalp regains its health even if you have dandruff problems. The anti-inflammatory qualities of the butter along with the rich fat it contains helps to keep the scalp fresh but moisturized. There is no greasy residue left behind which could clog up your pores and stop the roots from breathing.

6. Treats Split Ends And Breakage
Are you tired of seeing your hair shed at the slightest weather change? If you want to reduce breakage, you must concentrate on strengthening your hair roots, to begin with. By applying Shea butter all over your hair, you will be giving your hair the moisture and nutrients it needs. The product will have moisturizing and regenerative effects on every strand of your hair so you do not have to chop off split ends every two weeks.

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