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Chemical-based products

​When it comes to using products one should be very careful, not only can products be damaging to your hair but your entire body.With that said you should always pay attention to the ingredients that make up a product and do your research before committing to using a particular product.The products that you use on […]

Do You Use Chemical-Based Skin Care Products?​

Unlike natural skin care products, these products are made up of different kinds of chemicals and synthetic ingredients. In spite of the fact that some chemicals make them effective, they increase the probability of developing into skin allergies, irritations and side effects. These chemicals, especially, are way too abrasive to individuals with sensitive skin. As […]

Why you should stay away from Cheap Products?

Beware when buying cheap products, since most brands strip color and remove hair’s natural oils with high quantities of sulfates and other lathering ingredients.Silicone-Based ProductsSilicone creates the illusion of healthy, shiny hair while actually further drying out the hair from the inside, which is exactly as sinister as it sounds. “Silicone coats the hair shaft for a […]