Celebrating Black History Month – 2021

Kadima is a proud Black Owned company that has grown and thrived during one of the toughest years EVER! By buying our products, you're supporting not just this black business, but the black people we partner with here in the USA and around the world.


Black History Month offers all of us a chance to celebrate the unique contribution of black people to the history of the United States. Here at Kadima Organic Beauty Products, we are raising a special cheer, because we understand that having gorgeous hair – and what having gorgeous hair means – is so important to all women, and especially black women.

Historically, “good hair” was considered to be white women’s’ hair. Long, straight, silky, and preferably blonde. Black girls and women were made to feel that THIS was beauty, THIS was the way you should look. And they, and their hair, suffered considerable emotional and physical damage to achieve this look.

Now, thank goodness, every woman can find her own beauty and celebrate her own wonderful hair. If you want long straight hair, or curly ringlets, or even a completely shaved head, then that is your choice, not something you feel pressured into.

Our mission is to make every woman look and feel her very best, the natural organic way. Healthy hair, skin, and scalp is the foundation of beauty. The way you want to look, that is YOUR decision! We’re here for you whether you have difficult, thick, unruly hair, or silky, easy-to-manage locks.

Two Of Our Most Highly Recommended Products For Black Hair

Black hair tends to be curly, thick, and coarser than European hair. There is nothing more beautiful, in our opinion, than a soft cloud of black curls. Or some lovely glossy braids. Or a low cut natural with sharp edges. But it can be hard to achieve that look. So here are our very favorite products for black women (and everyone else who has hair that’s not so easy to take care of!)

African Black Soap 2-in-1 Shampoo And Conditioner

Our top-selling favorite product, that links us all back to our mothers in Africa, and how they found special ways to look after their beautiful hair.

African black soap is a natural product from West Africa, and it’s antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-oxidant, and anti-viral. So whatever you’ve got, African Black Soap is anti it!

Not just oppositional though, it’s positively beautifying – when it’s formulated in the special Kadima way. You see, African Black Soap needs some help to make it beautifying as well as health-giving. So we add some magical ingredients (dare we say, a little of that GOOD black magic) with grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera juice, extra virgin olive oil, macadamia oil, essential oils, and more.

This all in one product is the one to choose if you only have just one single product in your beauty armory. It will make your curls spring, your waves flow, and if you’ve gone for straight, your hair will gleam and glow!

Dutch Cocoa Masque Infused with Cocoa Extract

Mmmm. Who doesn’t love chocolate? If you are looking for extra richness, extra moisture, extra glow and gleam, and pure delicious healthy hair, then this yummy chocolaty masque is for you. 

In the Kadima Beauty Kitchen, we blended the finest Dutch chocolate, with its wonderful health properties for hair and skin, with some of our favorites for glamorous moisture. (Did you know that glamorous means literally, spellbinding and enchanting? ) We selected Murumuru oil (partly ‘cos we just love saying it…Murumuru…) but also because of its roots in South America where women rely on it for hair beauty. Then we chose sour cherry fruit distillate, nettle leaf extract, and horsetail leaf extract along with some other rather secret things, that your hair will just suck up like a tonic!

Apply to your scalp and hair, wrap with saran wrap and a towel, and settle down with your favorite book while the Masque works its magic. Then just rinse out with warm water and dry gently.

Remember, when you buy from Kadima, you support Black Enterprise - and especially black women.

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