Cyber Monday Sale – 40% Off Store-wide

Here at Kadima, we absolutely love a bargain. But running out to the shops and being with lots of people, well that’s a thing of the past (and we hope, of the future!) But today, we have to keep each other safe, so, welcome to Cyber Monday at Kadima.


Yes, on November 30th, we will be tossing our (black, pointy) hats in the air, because all of our deliciously beautifying hair and skin products are on sale at a magical 40% off, storewide!

That means that you can stock up with all of your favorite products, and try some exciting new ones too, without breaking your budget. 

Glowing, Spellbinding, Beautiful Hair And Skin Will Be Yours!

You know that at the Kadima Beauty Kitchen we constantly search for the finest organic ingredients to combine into bewitching recipes for glowing skin and hair. We’ve been spending these stay-at-home days rummaging through ancient books, networking with naturally beautiful women around the world, and also, we've been checking out the best modern scientific research into herbs and plants.

This means that we have some great new products for you to love.

NEW! Dutch Cocoa Masque Infused With Cocoa Extract. What’s better than delicious, nourishing, health-giving chocolate. Now you don’t have to eat it to get the health benefits of chocolate for your hair. (Just kidding, you can eat that dark chocolate too.) Chocolate is full of minerals to make your hair and scalp deep-down clean, enriched, and with curls that are bolder and sassier than ever. Was $24.95, Cyber price $14.97.

NEW! Mud Detox Masque Infused with Rose Essential Oil. Everything delightful and pink, pink clay-based, filled with rose and hibiscus notes, deep down cleaning, nourishing, and wonderful for removing toxic residues caused by pollution. Was $24.95, Cyber price $14.97.

NEW! Pumpkin And Cinnamon Spice Masque Infused With Gingko Biloba. All the spellbinding perfumes of fall in the countryside, and the nourishing goodness of pumpkin, strengthens, smooths, improves flexibility, and adds gloss and sheen without weight. Was $24.95, Cyber price $14.97.

NEW! Jelly Hair Cream Infused With Hempseed And Amla. This is all about natural moisture, more moisture, and even more moisture. If you have exceptionally dry hair or even just a case of the frizzes, help is at hand with this all-natural curl and flexibility enhancer. Was $24.95, Cyber price $14.97

Why Invest In Natural Hair and Skin Products?

It’s Covid time. Money is short. But we don’t want you to miss out on the chance to use the best hair and skin products in the Universe. (That would be Kadima’s!) Why is it important? Because we all need to love ourselves up just that bit more.

In the Zoom meeting, we want people to say, “Gosh, your hair looks fabulous. You’re glowing!” We don’t want our friends and colleagues to think, “Boy, this is really getting to her.” When we do venture outside, we want to look our best. With a mask covering our face, our hair gets to take center stage even more than usual. So we are really happy to make these great offers that mean you can save your pennies and look adorable at the same time.

Great News For Your Beauty Budget

Because times are pretty hard for many of us, to help you budget, and buy your favorite beauty products without breaking the bank, we have partnered with Klarna to enable you to split your total order into four easy payments.

That means that with storewide 40% discounts, and the Klarna easy payment option, you can get your hands on the very best hair and beauty products on Cyber Monday. You can pay for your order in four easy payments, and it’s simplicity itself to choose this option when you check out.

It’s exactly when things are tight and you’re feeling stressed that you need a little treat, to make you feel lovely and glowing. So check out our offers and our easy payment options right now.

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