Feed Your Head – The Best Food For Healthy Hair

If you want to have beautiful hair there are two main things that you can do. The first is to use natural, organic, and appropriate products for your hair type. (Yes, just like those we have at www.kadimaobp.com). The second, and perhaps we should make this the first, is to nourish your body well, with a particular view to foods which will enhance the health, strength and appearance of your hair.


We Are What We Eat – Including Our Hair

Here at Kadima Organic Products, we take hair health super seriously. We live, eat and breath it – along with skin health. And yes, skin health and hair health go together when it comes with comes to nutrition. (Nail health too!)

Which Vitamins, Minerals And Fats Are Good For Hair Health And Growth?

  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids are needed by the body to fight inflammation, among other things. If you are shedding hair more than is usual (and we all shed a little hair each day) then you could have scalp inflammation which has gone unnoticed. Omega-3 Fatty Acid can help.
  • Iron deficiency can be a cause of hair loss, so you need to up your iron if this is a problem for you.
  • Vitamin C is a great all round boost for the body, but it particular it helps you absorb that iron your scalp needs.
  • Vitamin E is an antioxidant and helps decrease stresses on the scalp, which can be a cause of hair loss.
  • Biotin is a vitamin in the B family, which is known to promote hair strength and growth.
  • Vitamin D can wake up sleepy hair follicles which are not working to their maximum, resulting in more hair growth and thicker hair

How Can I Get More Of These In My Diet?

You can of course get all of these good things in the form of supplements, but the body was designed to eat food, not pills. By eating food containing these useful things, we are getting a cocktail of natural goodness which is readily available and easy to digest.

So what are the hair super-foods that you should be including in your diet?

Some of the foods which are often recommended for great looking hair are not ones which will usually appear on your day to day menu. For example, oysters and liver. These are wonderful and delicious foods, but we thought you might like to know about some of the more common, less expensive foods that you can easily include in your diet.

So going through the day, we start with breakfast and go all the way through to dinner.


A great breakfast choice, and also nice for a late night snack with maybe some honey and cinnamon, or some fresh berries. Oatmeal is not only high in fibre. It contains those omega-3 fatty acids and iron (oh, and zinc, said to be helpful against Covid-19).


Blueberries can stand in for any berries. Red and purple foods as a quick rule of thumb are always full of anti-oxidants, which help relieve stress on your scalp in particular. And they are so nice with that oatmeal.

Greek Yogurt

Now we’re really getting in to the breakfast swing. That thick and creamy Greek Yogurt is loaded with B vitamins which will help you obtain that thick and luscious mop of hair you dream about.


Eggs are loaded with all kinds of good things, and the good news is that the FDA says that they have no negative effect on our cholesterol levels. Lots of people shy away from eggs, but they are the perfect fast food for breakfast or lunch, and have lots of hair growth stimulating Vitamins D and B.

A few hard boiled eggs that you cooked the night before make a satisfying quick snack the next day, or even part of a healthy lunch.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are just full of Vitamin C, and delicious too. Tangerines, mandarins, oranges, and grapefruit (especially the pink ones) are our favorites. Remember, citrus fruit is generally best and freshest in the winter months, when we really do need that Vitamin C boost, not only to help our hair look lovely, but to strengthen our immune systems against colds and flu. Good for part of a healthy lunch, or as the basis for a yummy desert or smoothie.


For lunch or dinner, salmon is a winner! (More poetry!) Not only is salmon liked by almost everybody, it’s very easy to cook and it always looks rather chic if you are entertaining. Of course, we are eating it because it contains those wonderful Omega-3 oils which are so good for us.


Popeye wasn’t wrong; spinach is a strength food, with a high vitamin and mineral content, especially iron and vitamin C. Try it wilted as a bed for your salmon, or raw in a salad with a few almonds and walnuts, to go with those eggs. (Nuts are full of oils that are excellent for nourishing hair.)

Remember that our organic hair products are vital partners for your hair health and growth. We choose vitamin laden ingredients like mango, in our Cocoa and Mango Hair Butter Mask, and pumpkin and cinnamon in our NEW, particularly fabulous, super-nourishing Pumpkin and Cinnamon Spice Masque Infused With Ginko Bilboa.

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