How to have DIY Spa Day and forget COVID-19 just for a While

Do you miss your spa day treat? Do you miss being pampered, and having time for yourself? Here at Kadima, we know how you feel. We are all stressed and strained, and yet like many people in many parts of the world, we don’t feel able to go to the spa, or even be with friends. Lockdown is just no fun. So we have created a Kadima Spa day that you can have right there at home.


Preparing for your Spa Day

You want your very own spa day to be special, so prepare well in advance – that’s part of the fun. First of all, don’t be mean to yourself. If you can, allocate just a little bit of money to buy at least one lovely new product to try. If you can’t, have a good clear out of your self-care supplies, throw out old and out of date products, and decide which of those occasional treat items you’re going to bring out of hiding and actually use. (Clearing out that bathroom cabinet is in itself a satisfying achievement which will put you in a positive mood.)

Get rid of the Family!

Easier said than done in these times, but, if it’s possible, have them take a day out while you have your day in. If you are all under lockdown, then it’s down to negotiation. Trade a half day to yourself for a half day of cooking their favorite food, playing their favorite games, or unrestricted access to computer time. (That should work.)

Set the Scene

Let’s assume that your bedroom and bathroom will be your spa for the day. Make sure everything is clean and tidy, maybe have a vase of flowers or two, dim the lights, light up those scented candles, have your favorite soothing music ready, and your favorite books and movies.

Put out everything you are going to need for the day, including a cooler with some sparkling water, healthy smoothies, maybe some fruit and nuts to nibble. Make sure you have plenty of towels of various sizes on hand, including some older ones to help with some of the messier treatments.

Before you begin, remove your false nails and nail polish if you wear them. Now you are all set for your special day.

Your DIY Treatments

If you have a bath tub, lucky you! Create a delicious bath experience with fresh herbs. Put fresh herbs into your bath water, and enjoy their scent as you breathe in the steam. Relax and get clean all over with a gentle soap. Use a simple pumice stone on your feet to get rid of that hard skin.

If you have a shower, you can still enjoy a bunch of fresh herbs. If you can get hold of branches of herbs, you can use them to very gently beat your skin as you shower. This helps improve your circulation and gives you a rosy glow. Rosemary is especially nice for this.

Now to your Hair

Now, because you love Kadima, we know that your hair is going to be a big focus for the day. So why not start with a very gentle shampoo, Kadima Ultra Mild 2-in-1 Shampoo Infused With Coffee? After all coffee is always a great way to start the day! This shampoo will lovingly cleanse your hair and prepare it for your next step – a hair masque.

You have a wonderful choice here, either our delightfully tropical Cocoa And Mango Butter Hair Mask, or our girly pink Mud Detox Masque. We’d probably go with the Cocoa and Mango if you have normal or oily hair, and the Mud Detox if you have dry or really problem hair. Either way, you simply divide your hair into sections, smooth on the mask, wrap your head around with saran wrap and then a towel turban.

On to your Skin

While your hair is beautifying, it’s time to work on your face. Kadima’s Organic Clay Wash is gentle and effective for detoxing and brightening any kind of skin. Whether you despair of grease and spots, or anxiously peer into the mirror to count your wrinkles, this wash will clean, smooth and plump exactly YOUR kind of skin, leaving you feeling fresh and bright. With lovely ingredients like extra virgin olive oil, green tea, lavender, apple cider vinegar, peppermint and more, it smells like a garden. Just smooth it onto your face and neck.

Here’s a good tip. Use Organic Clay Wash on your hands and feet too. (If you use it on your feet, best to do it in the bathroom for easy cleaning.) You’ll be surprised at how it freshens up these hard working parts of your body.

Leave your Clay Wash on for thirty minutes then wash off with luke-warm water.

If you suffer from dry lips, now is the time to coat them generously with your favorite lip balm. Use it much more thickly than usual. Finish your skin treatment with our Shea Butter Moisturizer. Just rub this on all over, quite thickly, wrap yourself in a few big towels and take a nap, listen to some quiet music, watch a movie, or read a favorite book. (The chances are that if you start off with the music, the movie, or the book, you will end up with the nap!).

The finishing Touches

After your relaxing time, it’s into the shower to wash everything off. We like to use our Kadima African Black Soap 2-in-1 Shampoo And Conditioner all over at this stage. It will wash off that hair masque and moisturizer, leaving your hair and skin soft, fragrant and adorable. Towel your skin dry gently, wrap yourself in your favorite robe or a big fluffy towel, and blow dry your hair on a warm, not hot setting.

There! Don’t you look and feel lovely and relaxed?

This routine can take as little as an hour or two, or as long as a whole day, depending on the time you have to spare. It’s so worth it to take this little time and space for yourself, and it costs a fraction of the cost of a spa day.

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