How to introduce your child to a healthy beauty regime

There is no doubt about it, children have it tough growing up in a world which makes them conscious of their looks from an early age. Parents and older siblings have a HUGE role in ensuring that children grow up with a positive self-image. Just as we teach our children to clean their teeth, to change their clothes daily, and to have good manners, we should also instill in them some healthy and sensible rules for how to look after their hair and skin. This means that when they get to those teenage years, they will have a foundation of good skin and hair care and hygiene which will get them through those awful greasy, spotty days!

Here at Kadima, we believe that the way to do it is to focus on health, and not on appearance. And that means for boys as well as girls.

So What Should Be Your Health And Beauty Care Objective For Your Kids?

1. That they develop a healthy relationship with the way they look.

2. That they are educated in the use of natural health and cleansing
products for skin and hair, creating life-long good habits.

3. That you help them build a foundation of self-respect to take them into their teenage years.

4. That when they get to their teen years, they will not be demanding plastic surgery and thick makeup (girls) or avoiding the bathroom altogether (boys).

It Starts With What They Eat

A fundamental foundation of health is, of course, good nutrition. Children who are introduced to a wide variety of foods from a very young age, especially vegetables and fruit, will grow up too much less picky and troublesome in their food preferences. Too much fat, sugar, and artificial flavorings lead to poor dietary habits and poor health in later years. On the other hand, your child doesn’t need the same low fat, low sugar diet that you might need. We have all seen those health food fanatics who are always ill, and who have pasty, weedy children!

Children need healthy fats and some sugar in order to grow and thrive – growth takes up a lot of energy!

But make sure the sugar is in the form of fruit, honey, and minimally processed brown sugar. The fat should come from natural sources like butter, avocado, olive oil, nuts, cheese, fish, and meat. Don’t worry too much about calories, but instead, focus on burning off all that energy with games and sports!

How Can Kadima Products Help?

We have some of the mildest, gentlest products around, all made from natural organic products that are kind to skin and hair. Once your toddler is three years old, you can start them with using Kadima products. And just like cleaning your teeth, you can begin explaining that washing your hair properly, keeping your skin clean and soft, is a healthy thing. No need to draw attention to their appearance at this young age.

One of our favorite mild and gentle products which we like to use with our own children is

Soap Nut 2-in-1 Gentle Shampoo And Conditioner

This delightfully gentle cleaning and conditioning shampoo is made with natural Soap Nut, which produces cleansing lather without harsh chemicals, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, for conditioning, Sweet Orange Oil for soft fragrance, and Neem Oil, for delicate antiseptic properties. This shampoo is super kind to young, fine hair, and will leave it sweet-smelling and vibrant. If your child has little dandruff, the Neem Oil will kindly soothe it away. Instead of stripping the hair’s natural oils, Soap Nut Shampoo simply cleans and conditions, leaving your kid’s hair soft, clean and manageable. Perfects for curly tops!

The good news is that this Soap Nut based shampoo is so gentle that you can use it as a body wash for delicate skin too. It's an all-over bath time favorite!

This is just one of the many natural organic products that we can offer which you can share with your children. 

How To Approach Health And Beauty For Kids

You absolutely don’t want your children to grow up vain and self-conscious, but you do want them to develop great habits. As children grow, you can introduce them to the idea of having clean soft skin and vibrant looking hair as a basis for the way that they present themselves to the world. After all, it’s about making the most of the attributes that nature has given us. But above all, you want your kids to be confident in the way they look. Emphasize always that our appearance is much less important than the way we are inside – the way we treat other people, the way we respect ourselves, the way we tread gently on our planet.

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