How To Keep That Summer Glow Into The Fall

Whether your skin is the darkest ebony, richly golden, palest porcelain, or something in between, we all want to look it to look healthy, clear, and vibrant. Many of us find that our skin looks best in the summer. That’s the time when we can get out in the fresh air, and maybe get a little sun too. The dehydrating winds of winter are in the future, but, how can we preserve our glowing summer skin through the fall and on into the winter?


Dry, Oily Or Combination?

Here at Kadima, we seem to spend a lot of time agonizing about our skin. Either it’s too dry, or it’s too oily, or it can’t seem to make up its mind. We’ve all used those chemical-based products which promise miracles, but at the end of the day, it’s old fashioned ingredients that granny would have used which we find do the best job for our skin.

A dry skin regime does differ a little from an oily skin regime. Dry skin needs a bit more moisturizer, but moisturizing oily skin is important too. Organic ingredients have been used for centuries to keep women's' skin (and men's') soft, healthy, and fresh. That's why we ONLY use the finest, purest, organic ingredients in our products.

So let’s take a look at some skincare basics which apply to every kind of skin, all the year-round. Basic, maybe, but they will help you to carry the beautiful glowing skin of summer into the dreary winter months.

Cleanse, Cleanse, Cleanse

You can actually get too obsessed about cleansing. In particular, you can get too focused on using medicated products, which, if used too frequently, can make your skin irritated and oily. However, sensible cleansing is definitely the basis of great looking skin. We are great advocates of mild soap and water as a cleanser. Yes, we can feel some of you shrink back in horror, but unless you have very dry or sensitive skin, a good soap as your everyday cleanser is worth a try.

We are going to make a crazy-sounding suggestion. Try our Kadima Ultra Mild 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner as your regular face wash. HUH!!!? Well, we thought it was a bit strange at first, but the more we thought about it, the more sense it made to us. After all, we made it to be very, very, mild, and cleansing to your delicate scalp, so why not for your face? We’ve been trying it, and it works. Just use a very tiny bit, or simply use it to wash your face, hands, and body when you shampoo in the shower. 

For A Deeper Cleanse

Once a week or so, it’s a great idea to give yourself a relaxing face mask. We worked hard to find a mask that would be kind to dry skin, as well as oily skin, and we came up with our beautifully pure and simple organic Kadima Clay Wash

With refreshing green tea and the purest clay, our mask gently draws out skin impurities and gives you a deep cleanse. Just smooth onto your face and leave for thirty minutes, rinse off with cool water and then finish with a moisturizer. 

Your Summer Skin Will Drink This In

We simply love our Kadima Raw Shea Butter Moisturizer. We worked so hard to get the balance of this product right. If you are tired of moisturizers that just seem to deposit a layer of grease on your face, then you’ll love the way this favorite of ours leaves your skin feeling – it’s corny to say it, but actually, it leaves your skin feeling like rose petals; soft, slightly moist and smooth. 

Remember, this is great for your whole body, don’t neglect those unconsidered areas like the backs of your legs, the tops of your arms, and yes, even your ears!

For An Extra Boost Of Freshness

If you feel that your skin needs a little extra healing boost, then you can do no better than our delightfully soothing and refreshing Kadima Organic Aloe Gelly. It’s the very purest aloe gel that you can find, it soothes, clears, and blesses even the most fragile skin. cooling and refreshing, it's perfect for skin that's a little sun or wind burnt.

How To Maintain That Glow Right Through Fall

Here are five key tips for year-round skin health:

  1. Healthy skin starts from the inside. Eat plenty of fruit and veggies, stay away from unhealthy fats, and drink plenty of simple fluids like water. And of course, the occasional glass of wine does create a rosy aura!
  2.  Don’t over-exfoliate. Remember, that suntan is actually on the top layer of your skin, so using harsh skin cleaners will rub it away. Stick with gentle Kadima products that will treat your skin tenderly.
  3. Get outdoors as much as you can. A brisk walk gets your circulation going, but remember, as the winds get to chill, wrap up well, and you might want to moisturize a little before you go out for added protection.
  4. During the summer we all tend to use less makeup, and that is one of the reasons that our skin looks better and feels healthier. Try keeping that lighter makeup look as you go through the year – often we get into the habit of using a certain amount of makeup without really checking out what it is doing for us – or not!
  5. Use products that are natural and organic. Harsh and possibly dangerous chemicals can create clogging buildups and make your skin look and feel dull. Natural organic products love and care for your skin, and its skin will respond with glowing good looks.

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