How to land your Dream Job in all Natural Style

The message came – they want you to interview for that dream job that you have been hoping for all your life. You’re feeling pretty nervous, and you’re wondering, what is the very best way to present yourself on the big day?


Natural Glow Mode Enabled

You won’t be surprised to learn that we favor the natural look. But natural doesn’t have to mean ragged and unkempt – it simply means that you take the essence of you, and make it shine through.

There’s a big advantage in looking natural, yet groomed. Most employers are not looking for someone who is going to plaster a half-inch of makeup on her face every day. They are looking for someone who is thinking of the job, not of her appearance. Yet at the same time, they do of course want someone who is making the best of her looks, presenting herself nicely. The fine line you are walking is to show self-respect, but not self-obsession.

At Kadima, we just love the natural look. Clean, healthy, glowing skin and hair that shines is the foundation of that look. If you do nothing else, make sure your skin and hair are fresh and pretty.

As you prepare for the big interview, we’d suggest starting out with a hair masque. We have three delicious masques to choose from – Cocoa and Mango Butter, Pink Mud Detox Masque, and our NEW Pumpkin and Cinnamon Spice Masque infused with Gingko Biloba. All of our hair masques are designed to cleanse and penetrate the scalp and hair deep down, nourishing and healing. Just wash and towel dry your hair, then divide your hair into sections and smooth on the magical masque of your choice. (Our pro tip – once the masque is applied, wrap your head in saran wrap and then a towel for the deepest ever cleanse and nourish.) Then it’s time to relax, paint your nails, chat on the phone to your best friend, or just have a nice doze!

Leave the masque on for 20 minutes or so – longer won’t hurt – rinse off with warm water.

For Those Of you With Curls

If you have waves or curls, you’ll want them to look especially good on the day of the big interview. But thick, sticky hairspray or gel is so last century! Instead, why not try our Organic Curl Defining Pudding?

It was designed to create the crispest, bounciest, most natural curls you’ve ever had, without leaving behind a hint of product in your hair. It’s perfect for braids, twists, Afros, and more, and it’s designed for trouble-free wash and go. Nourishing, moisturizing, but never heavy or gloopy, we just love this natural product for boosting confidence and making curls behave at their very best.

Skin Needs A Lift?

Yes, we have all been a bit forgetful of our health and beauty routines in these strange Covid times. We’ve stayed at home mooning over our computer, eating ice-cream by the pint, wearing sweat pants, and generally not looking or feeling sharp. That all has to change now that The Big Job Opportunity has come along.

For a complete face, hair and body all in one lift, you can do no better than our fantabulous Raw Shea Butter All Over Moisturizer For Hair Face and Body. We mean, you can just haul yourself into the shower, spread this luscious loveliness all over, and we mean ALL over, allow you skin and hair to drink in the goodness, then shower off with warm water. What a boost! Your skin will feel soft and glowing and your hair will look beautifully nourished, and you’ve done it all in one easy process.

Best And Worst Hair Styles

Of course, it rather depends on the kind of job you are applying for. An exotic dancer needs one kind of look, a dental hygienist, another! But whatever your chosen career, your hair should look clean (of course) unfussy, and healthy. It’s a good idea to find out a bit about the company ahead of time. Are they staid and stuffy, young and trendy, or somewhere in between?

Generally, it pays to be conservative. Stick with a neat style that doesn’t distract. Avoid extravagant hair extensions, ornaments, ribbons and bows, and rainbow colors. A bun, a French pleat, a smart ponytail – all these are the right direction. If in doubt, think Michelle Obama or even Jackie Kennedy. You want your hair to be natural, but not distracting. We definitely are not into straightening hair for a job interview, just to look “right”. 

Sad to say, black women do face open or veiled discrimination for having natural hair. Personally, we love natural hair and support women’s right to have the hair that they want. It’s a real conundrum, but remember that both men and women of all races do have to compromise a bit when attending an interview, in the way they dress and look. Think of it as putting your corporate side forward. 

If you have short hair, invest in a good cut or a trim. A sharp, well-shaped look subconsciously conveys, “I’m efficient.”

If you have big hair, that’s wonderful, but our advice is to sweep it up into a smart ponytail. If you have a girlfriend who’s clever with hair, have her come over and do your hair for you. Resist the messy bun look.

And while we are thinking about hair, nails are very important too. The fabulous manicure is great for parties, but for interviews go for plain, understated colors with no decoration and medium or short length. You do not want to look like a raptor about to swoop down and pick up its prey!

It all sounds conservative and rather dull, but, when you have your feet under the desk at the new job, you can be a bit bolder.

To Sum Up

If your hair and skin look good, then you are going to feel confident. And if you feel confident, you will be able to relax and let your personality and accomplishments shine on that all-important day.

Kadima is here to help with our natural, organic products, designed for gentle and effective fabulousness!

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