Kadima Pumpkin and Cinnamon Spice Masque

Who? Us? Witches? Nooooo! Well, maybe just a bit. In that we love to use old books to find wonderful long-forgotten recipes for hair and skin products. (Did someone say Books of Spells?) 


Pumpkin And Cinnamon For Fabulous Flowing Fall Hair

Let’s just say we love October. A lot. It’s the time of year when we really feel like letting our hair down. Hair that looks gorgeous because of course, we use Kadima beauty products. Hair that streams in the wind as we fly through…..er hum, enough of that!

We wouldn’t want to live anywhere that didn’t have October. And in celebration of all things wild, witchy and wonderful, we’ve created a special Halloween themed hair masque for all of you trainee (and real) witches out there.

What Is A Hair Masque?

A hair masque is simply a healing, soothing, scalp and hair caressing potion that you smooth onto your hair and scalp. It’s a treatment, designed to give your hair a weekly – or more frequent – boost. It works deep into the scalp, sooths and penetrates tired out hair, and forms the basis of a great hair beauty regime.

Introducing Our Groundbreaking Pumpkin And Cinnamon Hair Mask

With fall in the air, we wanted to create a hair masque which would combine all the glorious warmth and mystery of the “season of mists, and mellow fruitfulness”. And what says fall better than a ripe plumplicious pumpkin? So we started out our masque with the finest organic pumpkin. Pumpkin has some amazing health properties, and crops up in so many traditional remedies from around the world. When we investigated, we found it:

  • Boosted collagen levels
  • Improves zinc levels
  • Is rich in folates, zinc and potassium
  • Contains healthy fats for shiny hair

Of course, some of these benefits come from eating pumpkin, and we encourage you to do that too. (But it’s probably not a good idea to eat the hair masque!) But you can also get them from applying a professionally formulated masque.

And Then We Added…….

Because we believe that when you have a good thing, you should make it even better, we decided to added some fragrant and heath giving fall notes, and we chose cinnamon for its spicy fragrance and its exceptional hair health properties.

Cinnamon is:

  • Anti-inflammatory – soothing minor scalp irritations and handling flaking
  • Anti-oxidant – it has polyphenols, natural substances that help remove unwanted pollutants
  • Stimulates hair growth - it stimulates your scalp and improves health giving blood supply
  • Can help to lighten and brighten the color of your hair naturally

And Then We Added…….

We loved our mixture, but we wanted to squeeze in just a little bit of extra goodness, health and beauty. So we decided upon an old favorite remedy from times gone by, Ginkgo Biloba.

Ginkgo Biloba is one of the most ancient tree species on the planet, and so of course, it features in many folk spells – whoops, that should read recipes. Now to be honest, the jury of scientists is out on this one, but there does seem to be some good evidence that it improves circulation and blood flow. So, as women have used it for lovely hair for generations, we decided to add it in to our special mix.

Why It’s Better Than DIY

We are all in favor of DIY beauty remedies, but sometimes, it’s good to use a product which you can be sure is formulated from only the best organic ingredients, balanced just perfectly for maximum effectiveness. Did you know for example, that there is more than one kind of cinnamon? Naturally, we select the very best one for hair and skin health.

So grab your broomstick and make haste to try our brand new, spellbinding Pumpkin And Cinnamon Hair Mask with Ginkgo Biloba. Your hair will be so grateful! And you can be sure that our products are so pure, they can even be used for tinies from three years old.

It’s So Easy To Use

Just wash and towel dry hair gently, divide your hair into sections if it’s long, smooth on the masque, wrap your head in saran wrap and then a towel, and doze off to your favorite music while the masque weaves it’s magic. Rinse off with warm water, dry on a low setting, or naturally, and voila! Lovely gleaming hair will be yours.

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