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Best Clay Wash and Face Mask for Natural Hair and Vibrant Skin

​Tired of trying out different beauty products on a regular basis? Your search ends right here!

Introducing the revolutionary three-in-one Kadima Clay Wash infused with SomaVital Health Product’s Zeolite clay and Green Tea, with unique benefits for your hair, scalp and face.

Being the first all natural beauty line in the market to use Zeolite, Kadima Clay Wash brings with itself a multitude of advantages for your hair and skin. Zeolite, a natural volcanic mineral, is known to be a master detoxifier. Its properties enable it to manipulate various chemicals, toxins, nutrients and ions in accordance to the need of your body. In doing so, it works to draw out the impurities from the body and swaps it with beneficial minerals such as potassium, thus leaving your skin and scalp feeling not only rejuvenated but overall healthier.

This amazing product comes to you through a joint venture between Kadima Organic Beauty Products and SomaVital Health Products​.

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