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Cyber Monday Sale – 40% Off Store-wide

Here at Kadima, we absolutely love a bargain. But running out to the shops and being with lots of people, well that’s a thing of the past (and we hope, of the future!) But today, we have to keep each other safe, so, welcome to Cyber Monday at Kadima. Continue Reading

How to have DIY Spa Day and forget COVID-19 just for a While

Do you miss your spa day treat? Do you miss being pampered, and having time for yourself? Here at Kadima, we know how you feel. We are all stressed and strained, and yet like many people in many parts of the world, we don’t feel able to go to the spa, or even be with […]

What to Know Before You Transition to Natural Hair?

It’s a huge decision to make. To abandon your dry, artificial-looking, high maintenance relaxed hair, and go natural. Your girlfriends are doing it, your conscience and common sense say that your natural hair is beautiful, but you’ve had relaxed hair for such a long time, that you’re nervous, and wondering how on earth you can […]

How natural are KadimaOBP Product Ingredients?

Been curious about how natural are KadimaOBP product ingredients? You’ve heard the cliche’, “you are what you eat”, if this is true, then what you use on your skin and hair holds the same weight in the game. KadimaOBP natural ingredients are what sets us apart from any other brand you have ever encountered. We […]

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