Top Natural Skin and Hair Care Trends in 2021

Here at Kadima Organic Beauty, we love the old ways. We constantly search for the secret beauty knowledge of the women of the world. Not for us the latest scientific “miracle” product – no – we prefer to delve into both traditional and new knowledge of the plants, oils, minerals, and herbs that bring organic, natural beauty to the modern woman.


Beauty industry trends come and go, but natural products never go out of style.

So what are some of the key findings that we are looking at using in our 2021 products? (And the heavens know that we are all longing for 2021!). Here are some trending new beauty ingredients for next year – look out for them.


Yes, an apple a day probably does keep the doctor away. But what can apples do for your skin and hair? Full of vitamins C and B, apple extracts can be used to combat acne and other troublesome skin conditions. Apple extract is great for hair, giving it moisture and shine. And of course, let’s not forget that apples are an excellent source of fiber and other good things for your internal health.


Turmeric is a member of the ginger family and comes from the tropical regions of the world. We usually see it as a yellow powder, which leaves its yellow stain on everything it touches. We have been very interested in the uses that Indian women, in particular, make of this toxin-fighting plant.

Turmeric contains curcumin, which helps protect the skin from the rays of the sun. It also is proven to help with acne and other skin conditions, as well as brightening and firming the skin.

Never fear – in the Kadima kitchen we are busy working on turmeric-based skin products which will give you all of the traditional benefits, and none of the yellow stain!


This unusual herb grows in the Kadima garden, and it was brought to our attention by an Indian friend that it’s widely used by her family as a beauty aid. Of course, we were intrigued, and we found that fenugreek seeds have all sorts of benefits, including Vitamin C.

Fenugreek, has so many benefits. It can moisten, make your skin glow, fight the appearance of aging, reduce blemishes, even out color and improve skin tone. We were so excited when we heard about its property for hair, that we created our Organic Fenugreek Deep Conditioner so that you can enjoy the fantastic benefits of fenugreek seed extract. This conditioner deeply moisturizes and nourishes your hair, soothes your scalp, ending dandruff and flakiness, and simply makes your hair look fabulous. Fenugreek gets right down into the roots to promote healthy hair growth. It’s a trending 2012 ingredient that you can enjoy right now.


Oh, how we love ginger! We are having such fun working on some wonderful new ginger products for 2021. First of all, ginger smells just fabulous; spicy, sweet and zingy. It’s a perfume that we love to have around. Then for skin, it can tone and refresh your skin, and at the same time, it can even out skin color, including if you have white scar marks.

For your hair, well, it makes the best, most delicious shampoo, which is particularly good for people with dry hair and split ends – and that of course includes many of you redheads out there. Ginger strengthens hair follicles, promoting growth and reducing falling hair.


Lemongrass is, as the name suggests, a tall, rather rough grass with an enticing lemon scent and flavor. We are all probably familiar with lemongrass tea, and many of us are using it to help boost our immune systems and fight Covid-19. (We notice that our cats and dogs make a bee-line for it in the Kadima garden, and nibble at it regularly.) But we are looking at it from the beauty point of view.

Lemongrass is loaded with vitamins A and C, and the distillation of lemongrass makes a great skin toner. It has anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties, so, we are toying with the idea of a natural lemongrass deodorant – that sounds nice doesn’t it? Watch out for more news on this in 2021.

CBD Oils

Derived from cannabis (no, we DO NOT grow it in the Kadima garden!) CBD Oil has wonderful properties for the skin, including maximum hydration, detoxing, and softening qualities. We are excited about the health and beauty possibilities for both hair and skin, and we are looking at the very best partners for this wonderful product. In particular, we are seeking some very special fragrances to partner with this excellent oil. Neroli and mandarin are our current favorites, but ylang ylang is in there too!


Roses are red, violets are blue, and both of these flowers are good for you. Oh look, we’re a poet, but we didn’t know it!

We are intrigued by the shy violet. Not only does it smell delicate and exquisite, but it contains a high level of salicylic acid. What’s that? It’s a substance which helps soothe acne, prevents small skin growths, it helps with inflamed skin, and has huge amounts of vitamins A and C. Traditionally, English women have used violets to make creams for all kinds of skin healing uses. And we simply can’t forget that intoxicating sweet perfume, so you can expect to see it a new Kadima product very soon.

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