35% Off Valentine’s Day Sale 2021

OK. It’s almost here. Valentine’s Day. Decisions, decisions, for that make or break gift. There are so many opportunities to get it so very wrong.


So, what will you get for your sweetie? Will it be an ugly cross-eyed stuffed bear holding a wonky red velvet heart? A large box of chocolates that she has to throw out as they aren’t Keto? Lingerie that is more holes than fabric, and that she absolutely, truly hates?

Or will you get her what she wants, what she really, really wants for that special Valentine’s Day hairdo – luscious organic beauty products from Kadima, that’s what!

And guess what? You’ll have a little something left over for that lingerie (‘cos YOU like it) when you indulge her in the great Valentine’s Day deals that the Kadima team has brewed up for you. Yes, you absolutely will.

You get a plumptious 35% discount on our groundbreaking Fenugreek, all NEW products (including our raving line of Masques), all LIQUID AND GEL/JELLY products for the Three Days Of Valentine. (That’s almost everything!). You can achieve glowing skin, sensational hair, and a general all-around health and beauty boost with Kadima Organic Beauty Products - and save.

Now, if you are buying a gift (for your sweetheart, for a good friend, for your Mom, your sister, or just for yourself) then it’s a great idea to select from our NEW range. Because they are NEW, and because we are offering a lovely 35% discount on all of these things and more.

You can choose from:

Marshmallow Root And Ginger Spice Twisting Hair Cream

Spice up her life with this deliciously sweet and spicy gloop that adds a special twist to those adorable curls. For crisp definition, oodles of shining moisture and a hold that’s as firm as the one she’s got on your heart.

Crème De La Oleo

Ooo la la! This French-inspired concoction, full of natural hydrating oils is the ultimate in moisturizing for stubbornly dry hair, leaving hair sleek, velvety, glossy, and amazingly kissable.

With wonderful ingredients like Mango Butter, Murumuru Butter, Agave Nectar, Tucumo Butter, Illipe Butter, Argan butter, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Essential Oils, and more, it’s perfect for the cosmopolitan darling in your life. (And who knew there were so many lovely butters in the beauty firmament? And Murumuru Butter - it's just such fun to say.)

Ultra Moist Edge Control Balm

Does your lover spend hours in front of the mirror, trying to get those stubborn edges and flyaway strands under control? Have more of your loved one in your life with this one-stop solution to stubborn, hard to manage hair.

With delicious ingredients like broccoli seed oil, castor seed oil, green tea leaf extract, white tea leaf extract, and rosemary tea extract, it’s tough but gentle on even the most rebellious locks. Just spritz with water and apply with a brush for decisive results.

Caramel Curling Custard

Put down that spoon! No, you don’t eat this (although you might be tempted). You use it to make hair strong, bouncy, shiny, and beautiful – especially if you have lovely tight curls. So what makes it so delicious and sweet-smelling – and effective? Castor Seed Oil, Jojoba Butter, Fig Extract, Caramel, Essential Oils, and Cerasee Herbal Tea – that’s what.

Just apply to slightly damp hair and use it to shape, twist, curl, and generally rock that Valentine’s Day sexy hairdo look. You can use it with a bit of conditioner too, for extra oomph!

The verdict is in!

To choose the exactly perfect Valentine’s gift, just click here.

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