What to Know Before You Transition to Natural Hair?

It's a huge decision to make. To abandon your dry, artificial-looking, high maintenance relaxed hair, and go natural. Your girlfriends are doing it, your conscience and common sense say that your natural hair is beautiful, but you've had relaxed hair for such a long time, that you're nervous, and wondering how on earth you can make the transition?


At Kadima Organic Beauty Products, some of us have asked the same questions and gone through the same agonizing process. The good news is, it worked out great! But it's reassuring to have a few options for how to achieve your new, natural, beautiful, look.

At Kadima Organic Beauty Products, some of us have asked the same questions and gone through the same agonizing process. The good news is, it worked out great! But it's reassuring to have a few options for how to achieve your new, natural, beautiful, look.

So, What Actually Is Relaxed Hair?

When your hairdresser relaxes your hair, he or she is applying products that will break down the chemical bonds in your hair, causing it to be straight. As you know, your hair grows all the time, so even from the moment that your treatment is finished and you're admiring that new, sleek 'do, your naturally curly hair is growing from the roots. So, relaxing your hair involves the continuous damaging of your hair to keep it straight, or "relaxed".

Your hair is far from being relaxed. It is, to put it bluntly, it's damaged, tortured, hair which needs a whole lot of artificial chemicals to keep it looking halfway decent.

Why Make The Change?

Relaxed hair is super high maintenance, is expensive, is carried out with damaging chemicals that may even be dangerous, and for many people, it starts to feel like a denial of their natural beauty. Add to that the problems of even getting to a qualified professional hairdresser in these COVID 19 days, and now seems to be a great time to choose to go natural. After all, none of us are looking our best right now, and staying at home while we experiment with a new look has suddenly become a practical proposition.

To Chop, Or not to Chop? That is the Question 

It's possible to take the ultra-brave route and simply crop your hair down to half an inch, or even shave your head. This can look wonderful on some people, and a disaster on others. To check out the look, flatten your hair under a tight-fitting skull cap and photograph yourself from all angles. Some people are lucky and have elegant heads and necks, looking like a modern-day Nefertiti. Others (and we count ourselves among them) have a head that looks more like a large and knobbly pumpkin balanced on a fire hydrant.

Most of us then, simply are not that brave. A lifetime of trying to get "good hair" can't be wiped out in a moment. However, if you do decide to go for the chop, then in a few moments, your troubles are over.

If I Don't Chop, How Can I Grow Out Painlessly?

Your new, fresh hair will need a different kind of care than you are used to – and we'll tell you more about that below. As you grow your hair out, the difference between the new hair and the old hair will become more and more obvious. This is where hair styling is your friend. You can use, weaves, extension braids, a topknot, flat twists, cornrows, even a wig to get you through, particularly tiresome days. Of course, if you are holed up at home, you can let it all hang out. Maybe just invest in a few pretty scarves for the occasional Zoom meeting or family chat time.

As you grow your hair out, trim an inch or so off every few months. This is something that you can probably do for yourself, or have a family member do it. After all, it's your new hair that you are interested in, not the old, worn out, over-processed stuff.

Five Tips To Transition To Natural Hair

  1. Your new hair is going to be quite different from your old, processed hair. Obviously, it's going to be more curly – maybe very curly – but at least wavy. And it's going to be a living substance that needs special care. Don't be tempted to wash your hair daily at this stage, it isn't necessary, and it will hinder rather than help the growing process. When you do wash your hair, use the best natural organic products you can find – like Kadima's African Black Soap 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner. The combination of black soap and natural oils will feed your new curls, nourish your scalp, and help your hair to grow faster.
  2. Your hair and scalp have been severely punished over the past years, so now is the time to give it some of the loving care it needs. Plan for a weekly hair masque and make this a time to relax with some favorite music and a delicious healthy snack like fresh strawberries or some organic nuts to nibble. We love our Cocoa And Mango Butter Hair Masque to heal, restore, and comfort the scalp, skin, and hair.
  3. Encourage yourself by looking at images of beautiful natural hair. Check out your face shape, and decide which is the right look for you. Start collecting the beauty products you'll be using to achieve those soft, luscious, bouncing curls, and waves. One of the best for curl definition is our Organic Curl Defining Pudding (yes, pudding!) which makes nothing but your new curls fat!
  4. Wean yourself away from harsh heating and straightening devices. These just simply aren't friendly for your new, natural hair. If you have to use a dryer (and we can hear your mom telling you never to go outdoors with wet hair) then use it on the lowest setting, fluff up your hair as you dry it, and use a spray-on, leave-in, conditioner like our Herbal Leave-In Conditioner to protect and soften your hair as you dry it.
  5. Careful when you detangle. The place where old, chemically treated hair and new, beautifully natural hair meet is called the point of demarcation, and it's right here that your hair is at its most brittle and vulnerable. So when you detangle, work on a very small section at a time, use a large-toothed comb, and be patient – don't pull. A good moisturizing product like our Herbal Moisturizing Milk is a great help with this process – use plenty to make sure that your hair is slick and smooth.

Are You Ready To Switch?

A world of beautiful, feminine, liberated hair awaits you. Be bold – make the move today!

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