Why Become a KadimaOBP Affiliate?

We know that you are looking for a great affiliate program which will help boost your income. We are all facing up to a new reality, and every last bit of income counts. But we are pretty sure that you want your good name to be associated with products and services which will reflect well on YOUR identity.


So, meet Kadima Organic Beauty Products, aka KadimaOBP. The team at KadimaOBP makes the most amazing natural hair products. The kind of natural, earth friendly hair products which women (and men) love to use. We have a great story to tell – one that you’ll be proud to be a part of.

Our organic products are skin, scalp and hair friendly, and earth friendly too. They appeal to a whole range of users, but in particular, people who are concerned about health, beauty, ethical products, and the environment.

If you have online content which appeals to those same kinds of people, then we are probably a marriage made in heaven. Because our products are so attractive, and our brand personality is so warm and friendly, WE will reflect well on YOU. Your readers will have an enhanced experience, because you are offering them something that they want, something that they will enjoy learning about, something which will enhance their online experience, and something that they will BUY.


Who Can Become An Affiliate?

The answer is, anyone with an online presence. Maybe you have a great, engaging blog, or sell a fantastic product, or have content on a website. You could even put a link in your FAQ, or as part of your email program. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter – the sky is the limit! You just have to place a link to our affiliate page, and any qualifying purchases will automatically be credited to your account. It just couldn’t be easier. Set it up, and watch it earn.

What Will I Earn?

You can earn up to a generous 8% in affiliate fees. Our products are so attractive, they just about sell themselves! Because once it’s set up, your income just keeps on coming in, all you have to do is sit back and let the money roll! And who doesn’t need more income these days? (Well, we do, and that’s why we’re looking for partners like you!)

When And How Do I Get Paid?

Once you have earned $25, your payment is automatic. It’s so easy, you just sit back, and we do the rest. We pay on the 1st and 15th of each month, by Paypal, wire transfers or even by Money Order sent to you by USPS. There is a 5% processing fee for wire and Money Order disbursements.

Can I Check How I'm Doing?

Yes of course! We have an easy to use dashboard that lets you track your clicks and purchases which are made from your site. This is going to help you understand your visitors, their needs and wants, and you can fine tune the placing of links to maximize your earnings.

A Little Bit More About Kadima Organic Beauty Products

We are a youthful, fun company with an obsessively serious take on hair and beauty. We work hard to create attractive, innovative, organic products which users fall in love with. We are constantly developing new products, so we always have fresh things for you to talk about. Our packaging and marketing is bright and youthful, but our values are serious and timeless.

We are ethical partners for your business, and your readers and customers will benefit from your association with the Kadima brand.

Sounds Great! Where Do I Sign?

Just click the join now button below to apply for our easy to use KadimaOBP Affiliate Program, and start earning within hours. (Our links are customizable to suit the feel and style of your online presence and are totally customizable.)

Already a KadimaOBP Affiliate? Click log in below to manage your account!

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