Why you should stay away from Cheap Products?

Beware when buying cheap products, since most brands strip color and remove hair’s natural oils with high quantities of sulfates and other lathering ingredients.

Silicone-Based Products

Silicone creates the illusion of healthy, shiny hair while actually further drying out the hair from the inside, which is exactly as sinister as it sounds. “Silicone coats the hair shaft for a sleek shiny finish, but it prevents the real nutrients from shampoo and conditioners to penetrate the hair shaft. A silicone-free solution that’s perfect for damaged hair to both add shine and impact health over time.



Alcohol-Based Products

“Avoid alcohol products, which are mostly used in styling spray-gels or mousses. “Alcohol is a very drying ingredient for the hair.” We already avoid alcohol-heavy skin care products because they zap moisture from the skin—so we’re not exactly about to jump to put it on our hair. Kadima hold gel try instead: it’s affordable, totally alcohol-free, infused with Aloe Vera and Sweet Almond Oil and perfect for keeping your style in place.


If the product lists fragrance, stay away, It can contain more than 4,000 separate ingredients. Studies show fragrance can affect the nervous system leading to major health issues.” Instead, look for hair products that are scented with essential oils.

For a high-end choice, check Kadima Organic Beauty Product shop. All our products are enriched with natural organic ingredients.

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